Spanish Transcription, Subtitle and Audio Recording Services

Our globalized world has created a huge demand for foreign language learning, as well as proficient foreign language transcription, audio recording and subtitle services.

After English, Spanish is the most commonly used language in the western world and this has increased the need for Spanish language services worldwide.

In addition to my private Spanish tutoring classes, I provide high class audio recording and video, Spanish transcription, and subtitle services for the following parties, amongst others:

  • Spanish language students
  • Multinational companies
  • Translation service providers
  • Freelance translators
  • Transcription agencies
  • Production houses

I am a qualified transcription specialist and every transcription is reviewed, edited and completed by me – not by computer software. I add an additional layer of proofreading to ensure you get the highest quality transcriptions on time, and within your budget.

Typical transcription and subtitle services

Spanish transcription and subtitle services are available for the following purposes:

  • Films, TV shows, musical clips, and documentaries
  • Conference calls
  • Financial reports
  • Corporate videos
  • Meetings and interviews
  • Conferences, seminars and lectures
  • Clinical reports & studies
  • Panel discussions
  • Surveys
  • Recorded testimonies and statements
  • Focus group classes

What is the difference between transcriptions, subtitles and audio recording?

Transcription: whatever is said in a language is written down in the same language. For an audio file that is spoken in Spanish, I would detail word for word what was said in Spanish, without any translation. Transcription is delivered as a Word-document with the entire speech typed out in Spanish. Time codes are optional.

Subtitles: a video file is sent and, like with transcription, I write down word for word what is said in Spanish, synchronize it, and add Spanish subtitles to it. This is great for students who like learning Spanish with music and watching films in their original version. Send me a link and I will transcribe, synchronize, and add subtitles to your favourite YouTube videos, movies, documentaries, etc. The file will be compatible with PC/Mac, iPads, and all smartphones.

Audio recording: a Spanish text is read aloud for you and recorded by a native speaker. Send me any article, story, sentence or other text in Spanish and I will audio record it for you. The text read aloud in Spanish by me can be downloaded as an MP3 file and you can improve your listening and speaking skills by repeatedly listening to a real, native speaker.

Getting a Quote

Send me the file you would like me to transcribe, subtitle or audio record and receive a no-obligation quote within 24 hours:

  • Transcriptions: USD 4 per minute of audio
  • Subtitles for YouTube videos, films, documentaries…: USD 15 per video up to 5 minutes length.
  • Audio recording: USD 8 per 1000 words.