Why Study Spanish With Me

Mastering Spanish with an experienced, professional tutor

As a professional Spanish tutor who has worked with students of all ages and backgrounds, with a variety of language goals, I understand that you are looking to learn Spanish as quickly and as effectively as possible. But I also know that your circumstances, learning preferences, and interests are unique.

When you match my professional Spanish tutoring experience with the opportunities provided by online tutoring, you have the perfect opportunity to:

  • Learn the Spanish that YOU want, through customized tutoring
  • Learn at the level that works for you – from Beginner to Advanced
  • Learn with a highly qualified professional who you can trust
  • Learn in the environment that best suits you
  • Learn one-on-one or in small groups

Conversing with a native Spanish speaker

I am a native-speaking Spanish tutor born and raised in the south of Spain. The importance of practicing with a native speaker, with clear pronunciation and a ‘neutral’ accent, cannot be overestimated. In our online classroom, you are able to converse in clear native Spanish from wherever you are in the world. One-to-one or in small groups, it is critical to use class time to practice conversation extensively and to receive feedback from a native speaker.

This increased talk time, which is not usually possible in a standard classroom environment, raises confidence levels and accelerates the ability to transfer what’s learnt in class to real world situations. The Spanish you learn will be clearly understood in any Spanish-speaking country, including those in Latin America. Depending on your needs we can focus on different vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, but the basics of the language are the same. Too much can be made of the differences between Spain and Latin America.

Track your progress

Part of successful language learning is being able to track your progress one-on-one. When you learn Spanish online with me you will receive a lesson document after each lesson with my comments, focused and personalised feedback, homework, and other essential information to assist your progress.

This helps you:

  • Monitor your progress over time
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Check if you are on target to meet your language goals
  • Optimize class time with me
  • Accelerate your learning

Depending on what these monitoring tools say, we can either modify your learning methodology as we go, or continue as we are, hitting your targets.

How is learning Spanish with me different to other online services?

There is no shortage of mobile apps, interactive software, free videos, online language tutors and language schools available online. While having this choice is great, the question is where will you get the best value and where will accelerate your learning?

The answer is unquestionably with a native speaking, professional private tutor, one-to-one or in small groups, with tailored classes according to your needs and regular feedback. This is a proven formula to accelerate your language learning and it is exactly what I provide.

Unlike with some other online language services (which are profit-driven), with me there are:

  • No registration charges
  • No early exit charges from a course
  • No requirement to buy lessons in bulk
  • No contract
  • No agency or middleman

Additionally, as a full-time, qualified, and experienced professional tutor I do ALL the teaching myself (see my credentials below). Unlike some online language schools there are no college students or unqualified native speakers and no classes of 10 or 12 students here!

This is why I don’t work for most language schools and prefer working as a freelance Spanish tutor with a methodology that I know works for my students.

What can you expect when learning with me?

Every student has slightly different requirements. You can read more about my methodology but following are a few examples of why learning with me is different to learning in large classes or with other online services:

  • Focused personalized feedback –When learning a language, you need to know exactly what you are doing right and where you need to improve. My individualized lessons give detailed, constructive feedback to help you track progress and we can modify the approach according to your needs.
  • Any language aspect covered – There are no limitations in my classes. Every aspect of the Spanish language can be addressed, including slang, strong language and colloquial expressions, when it is suitable. You have the freedom to practice whatever you want to learn, at your own pace.
  • Questions encouraged – you can ask questions about all aspects and nuances of Spanish language and culture. It is a great way to learn, keeping you more engaged in the process of learning Spanish, as you can take control and guide lessons towards your areas of specific interest.
  • Strong student-teacher relationship – with one-on-one tutoring, the individual attention creates more opportunities for student and tutor to get to know each other. This aids motivation, error treatment, and learner autonomy, which are difficult to address in classroom learning or with many other online services.
  • Repetition – repetition is a critical part of language learning and having the time to practice is essential to become a proficient Spanish speaker. We will build your language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) through regular study and repetition in classes.

How do my goals match yours?

Most Spanish language students are looking for the best possible instruction available at the best value. Delivering this has been my mission ever since I received my Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Since 2007, my tutoring has helped thousand of students accelerate their Spanish learning. I am a full time teacher 100% committed to my profession. Besides a few other language services, teaching Spanish is all I do.

As such, I am firmly focused on delivering:

  • Individualized programs tailored to each student’s needs
  • Support for conversation, grammar, reading, writing, listening and all aspects of language
  • An understanding of culture in the Spanish-speaking world, as well as the language
  • Business Spanish tailored to particular industries and roles
  • Online programs that provide added flexibility and convenience for students

Why learn online with me?

You can learn online with me whether you are a stay-at-home mother, a school-aged child, or a business professional. Teaching online is the modern method of facilitating learning – and that’s why all branches of education are increasingly adopting it.

By using Skype or Google Hangouts you get to study with a native speaker and learn when and where you want, without any travel time to factor in. PLUS you get the following benefits:

  • Skype and Google Hangouts are easy to set up and FREE to use
  • We have online resources and links to demonstrate learning points at our fingertips
  • We focus only on the aspects of Spanish that help you achieve your personal language goals
  • An electronic whiteboard allows you to visualize and learn new expressions, grammatical formations, vocabulary, etc
  • You get instant feedback from me on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, etc., which accelerates your learning
  • You can RECORD the lesson to play back again later
  • Instant messaging can be used to save and exchange materials and homework files, and to make learning more interactive
  • Flexible scheduling makes it easy to balance work and family life with language learning

Find out more about getting set up for online Spanish learning with Skype and Google Hangouts on my FAQs page. Please note that face-to-face tutoring is also available for students living in my area – classes can be held anywhere from a coffee shop to in your home or office.

Who should learn with me?

My online Spanish tutorials are for anyone who is:

  • Committed to learning the highest quality Spanish – for whatever reason
  • Struggling to meet their language goals through school or other external classes
  • Looking for a more flexible way to study Spanish
  • Unable to find time to attend a face-to-face class
  • Forced to work from home due to health or parenting reasons
  • Traveling from place to face frequently
  • Struggling to find a qualified, native Spanish tutor in their area
  • Suffering from a hectic schedule that limits time to learn Spanish

Learn at any level. For any reason…

Whatever your present level or reason for learning Spanish, you will find me able to meet your language learning needs. There is no one-size that fits all:

  • Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Spanish levels
  • Personalized tutoring designed around what you need to learn – for exams, travel, interviews, business, etc.
  • Sessions tailored with materials relevant to your Spanish learning goals
  • Start, regain, refresh, strengthen or supplement your Spanish language skills
  • Focus on a fixed set of topics – see my Mini-Courses page
  • Business Spanish programs targeted to the specific needs of your role, industry, or company
  • Language and culture courses to prepare you for the values, practices, and perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world

Affordable, flexible one-to-one or small group learning

Whether you need a one-off session to practice conversational skills before an exam, a series of tutorials for a specific language objective, or a full Spanish beginners program, you will find my services affordable and flexible.

Importantly, you are NOT tied in to long contracts, but can book and pay lesson by lesson. You can try it out risk-free with my FREE online trial and if you decide to go ahead you will receive special discounts for booking multiple sessions. Find out more here.

There are three basic ways to learn with me:

  1. One-to-one private tutorials
  2. Small group tutorials (which work out slightly cheaper per student)
  3. Mini-courses (to cover a specific Spanish syllabus)

Find out more by clicking on the links above.

My professional credentials for teaching you:

  • Over 8 years experience in language education in Spain and Australia, at university level
  • Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language – Universidad de Granada (Spain)
  • Master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Communication & International Relations – University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics (English Philology) – Universidad de Granada (Spain)
  • Certificate degree in Teaching Spanish for Business Purposes – Universidad de Granada (Spain)
  • Certificate degree in Teaching & Training: Introduction to Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language – Academia Carmen de las Cuevas, Granada (Spain)

The personal touch

Teaching languages is not just about professional qualifications. The majority of learners need more than just a teacher. In order to speak and understand Spanish effortlessly and fluently, language learners need a coach who takes time to understand them and guide them.

I provide Spanish learners with the knowledge, guidance, support and confidence they seek to take control of their own Spanish learning, to become an independent learner, and to make it a permanent part of their lives.

Key to this is developing a positive teacher-student relationship with the care and respect necessary in all successful relationships. This helps students overcome the shyness or inhibitions that can be a barrier to effective language learning. My teaching experience has taught me that the best results come from highly personalized learning environments that are fun, flexible, and convenient. This site is owned and operated entirely by me, Ruben Reguera, so if you have any problems or issues you can deal directly with me to solve them.

Don’t forget..when you reach your goals I reach mine!

It’s easy to get started…

I make it as easy as possible for you to start learning Spanish online with me:

  1. Claim your 15-minute FREE trial lesson, where we discuss your language goals, gauge your present level, talk about sample learning materials, and make sure you are set up to begin.
  2. Once you sign up you receive a confirmation email and can start scheduling online classes at your convenience.
  3. You start learning as often as you like and receive regular feedback and progress reports from me.

My approach has helped thousands of students speak the Spanish they’d hoped to speak: Read their testimonials