Online Spanish Tutorials

You can learn privately or as part of a small group with my online tutorials for adults, young adults and school-age children. Programs are available for anyone in need of an individualized approach to language learning.

Tailored Programs For All Levels

All private tutorials are tailored around your unique learning requirements – and are available for everyone from Spanish beginners to advanced level learners. A range of mini-courses can also help you with specific, structured language goals.

A Proven Methodology

Your learning is accelerated using a proven methodology that applies three key principles from the field of Second Language Acquisition. This helps each and every student of Spanish progress at their full potential.

Why Study Spanish With Me?

I am a qualified and experienced linguist and full-time Spanish tutor from the south of Spain. Language learners from all over the world study with me to become better at Spanish with my customized method, convenient online tutorials, and flexible approach to classes.

My Spanish tutorials are for students of all levels, who are committed to learning the highest quality Spanish – for whatever reason – and who are struggling to meet their language goals through school or other external classes.

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Spanish Mini Courses


Two entry-level Spanish courses of 50 hours each that help you get to grips with the basics of Spanish or refresh what you have forgotten…

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A Spanish course of 50 hours for intermediate learners who know the basics and are ready to take the next step up in learning Spanish…

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Advanced Spanish courses of 30 hours each, focused on helping learners communicate spontaneously and fluently with other Spanish speakers…

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Courses for intermediate or advanced level students of Spanish, who wish to focus their learning for application in a business or cultural context…

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Private Tutoring

My customized online Spanish tutoring services include private, paired, and small group tutoring. They focus on the aspects of Spanish that are most important to you, whether that is support for school exams, oral exams, work interviews, work projects, homework, dissertations, theses, or simply for traveling.

“In today’s globalized world, learning a foreign language is no longer a hobby but an essential skill.”

Rubén Reguera, Spanish Tutor



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