Customized Online Spanish Programs and Tutoring

I offer private, paired and small group Spanish tutoring as well as language support on school exams, oral exams, work interviews, work projects, homework, dissertations and theses.

My tutoring sessions can focus on conversation, pronunciation, accent reduction, grammar, writing, listening or any customized combination of Spanish skills to meet your language needs and goals. If you don’t have the opportunity to attend a Spanish school in your city but still want to learn and practice with a native Spanish teacher you could try one of my online Spanish tutorials. You can enjoy the convenience of learning Spanish online with a qualified, native Spanish tutor at a suitable time for you, in your own home or office.

In addition to tailored one-on-one, paired and small group tutoring in various areas of the Spanish language, I also offer a number of fixed price Spanish mini-courses that are focused on a fixed set of topics. All levels are taught, from Beginners (A1-A2) and Intermediate (B1), to Advanced (B2.1-B2.2).

Private tutorials

My private Spanish tutorials are available for mature adults, young adults, and students of all ages. Language learners look for different things in a tutor, whether it is help with writing and grammar, conversation, revision, help with assignments or exam questions, or focusing on work-related language.

That’s why tailored one-to-one lessons with a qualified, native Spanish tutor are the best option for students who need a personalized approach. Classes are specifically aimed at providing extra support and direct instruction for meeting your language objectives. Individual private lessons are the most effective for rapidly improving your proficiency in Spanish and I will provide unique, tailored materials for each lesson. Of course, you may supplement this with your own materials and/or textbooks if desired, but it is not necessary.

I can work with you one-on-one online (or in person depending on your location) to improve the following skills:

  • Conversation
  • Fluency
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing and editing (general)
  • Writing and editing for the workplace
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation and accent reduction
  • Spanish for work (Business Spanish)
  • Spanish for traveling (language & culture)
  • Colloquial Spanish
  • Preparing for presentations in Spanish
  • Translation

Pricing: USD 50/hour with discounts for booking blocks of time.

Spanish tutoring for school-aged students

If you are a junior or high school (secondary school) student aged 12 – 17 years you should make the most of your heightened ability to learn a language and to speak it fluently and clearly. Childhood and adolescence is the best time to learn Spanish and I can help you with customized one-to-one online Spanish tutoring. You will receive the personalized guidance, support and feedback that accelerates language learning – all with the convenience of studying where and when you want.

My private Spanish tutorials offer children and adolescents a unique opportunity to actively learn and improve their Spanish skills in a creative, fun and interactive way. We will use educational games and communicative activities, creating a more relaxed and focused learning environment than large group classes would allow.

Each private tutorial is developed to meet the specific needs of your school curriculum and will generally cover the following areas:

  • After-school homework tutorials
  • Improving study skills & techniques
  • Exam Spanish
  • General revision
  • Grammar review
  • Conjugating verbs
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Academic reading & writing
  • Spanish spelling
  • Spanish phonology
  • Spanish orthography
  • Everyday conversation including common phrases, questions and responses
  • Pronunciation
  • Spanish & Latin American history and culture

Pricing: USD 50/hour with discounts for booking blocks of time.

Small group tutorials (2 – 4 adults)

Research in second language acquisition shows that the most effective way to learn a language is by listening and speaking to people in real, day-to-day situations.

My online (and in-person) small group classes (2 – 4 students) can help families, couples, friends, students, coworkers, corporate clients and other small groups of people learn Spanish collectively and effectively. I will help you practice and improve your Spanish skills in a flexible, collaborative, and interactive learning environment, while still receiving my individual attention wherever necessary.

The benefits of studying Spanish in a small group include:

  • A more inclusive, less formal student-teacher interaction than is provided by a traditional classroom or lecture set up
  • Students are able to learn from each other’s insights as well as those of the tutor
  • It is easier to address differences between students than in larger classes
  • Students are encouraged to improve everyone’s understanding and collaborate, rather than to compete
  • Group discussions promote a high quality learning experience
  • When group members know each other there is a more relaxed learning environment

You can study Spanish together with family members, friends or coworkers with your own class schedule. I will customize each language lesson to address practical questions, identify common problems and to help you acquire the skills you need to develop your Spanish learning more effectively.

Participating in my small group tutorials can help you to improve and learn:

  • Conversational Spanish
  • Group discussions
  • Successful collaboration and effective task sharing techniques
  • Fluency, listening, and vocabulary development
  • Interpersonal language skills
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar and writing
  • Exam preparation
  • Business Spanish
  • Spanish for Specific Purposes

Pricing Guidelines:
Groups of 2: USD 40/hour per person with discounts for booking blocks of time.
Groups of 3: USD 35/hour per person with discounts for booking blocks of time.
Groups of 4: USD 30/hour per person with discounts for booking blocks of time.